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Why I became a financial adviser – Gareth Blease of Holborn Financial

Gareth Blease was a professional golfer before joining Holborn Financial

This video series sees International Adviser chat with second careerist financial advisers to discuss their journey into the advice sector.

In the video above, Gareth Blease talks about his move from professional golf to financial advice and the lessons he has learned from his transition in the sector.

Blease is now a financial adviser at Holborn Financial.

[Robbie Lawther] Hi, my name is Robbie Lawther, news editor for International Advisor, this is another installment of ‘Why I became a financial advisor’. Today I’m joined by
Gareth Blease. Thanks for joining us Gareth. What did you do before Financial advice?

[Gareth Blease} I was a professional golfer for five years. I went to University in America on a golf scholarship which a few people do, Paul Casey, Luke Donald, just to name examples, so sort of always wanted to go in the direction of playing golf. Unfortunately, had a couple of injuries when I was over there which hindered me a little bit. But once I finished I started playing professional golf and played on various mini tours around Europe for five years, which was great, it was really enjoyable. But it got to a point where I had a child and money at the lower levels of golf isn’t the best, so it was a time to make a decision and so I gave that up in 2019 and decided to start taking my exams for financial advice.

[RL] Why did you choose Financial advice as a career?

[GB] It was I suppose very easy for me to to make that decision. My dad is a financial advisor, he has his own firm who I work for now and he has had a long career doing this and has a lot of friends who are clients. So it was very easy for me to make that transition. It was also an area I was quite interested in having studied economics at university, so it sort of just it just matched for me basically.

[RL] Since joining the profession has there been anything that’s surprised you about the sector?

[GB} I mean, everything was a surprise because I came from such a different background so I wasn’t really aware of how much technical knowledge was needed to do what we do, but I have found that you learn these things over time. And trying to transition from a career where I was just trying to be the best I could be since a young age has been a good thing because I’m just trying to keep the same mindset as I go forward now and trying to be the best advisor I can be for my employers, but also more importantly for my clients.

[RL] And lastly, what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned since joining the sector?

[GB] Listen, I would say. You know, we learn a lot, we do a lot of exams, and we have a lot of technical knowledge, but that’s all well and good, but if you’re not listening to the client then you’re not really giving personalised advice to the client. You know, you need to listen to what they’re saying and understand them and their needs. And I think that’s the most important advice I can give to another advisor, to listen to the clients, as they are the most important person.

[RL] Thanks Gareth. Thanks for joining us.

[GB] Thank you.

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