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UK wealth manager rolls out planning service for ‘Henrys’

Those with a £200,000+ income can qualify regardless of minimum investible assets


TindleWealth has unveiled a financial planning and wealth management service for high-earning professionals in the UK, targeted at a younger clientele.

The ‘professional programme’ is FCA regulated and provides advisory and discretionary management services to those with a household income of at least £200,000 ($246,574, €223,208).

And these ‘High Earners Not Rich Yet’ (Henrys) will not need a minimum amount of investible assets to use the programme.

They can pay either a fixed fee of £200 per month or a percentage charge and choose whether they want to access an advisory and discretionary management option or advisory only.

TindleWealth will also apply a 1% annual charge on the value of the investments it manages.

Looking at the middle client

Scott Tindle, founder and director of wealth management at TindleWealth, said: “Over half of TindleWealth’s current clients are under the age of 40. Our experience to date has led us to believe that there is a place in the market for a programme dedicated to younger, higher earners – ‘Henrys’ in popular parlance.

“Our programme is aimed at households with an annual income in excess of £200,000 but who may not have the investable assets necessary to work with a traditional wealth manager.

“Our programme offers our relatively young clients the flexibility – including a fixed planning fee if they’d like – to work with a wealth manager in a way that is best suited to their particular needs.”

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