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UK advice company rolls out succession solution for advisers

One of the ‘hardest decisions’ for IFAs is ‘knowing when to step back from the business they have built up’


IFA firm Continuum has launched a succession solution for financial advisers considering the next step for their business.

My Continuum Succession is available to all advisers within the Continuum partnership.

The succession solution allows advisers within the Continuum partnership looking to grow their business to buy the client book of another adviser within the partnership who is looking to retire.

The partnership manages the whole sale process including legal assistance, finance and registration.

Hard decision

Martin Brown, managing partner at Continuum, said: “My Continuum Succession enables best outcomes for everybody. The client benefits from a seamless transition to a Continuum adviser with the same knowledge and ethos as their original adviser.

“The selling adviser achieves market-leading capital and the reassurance that their clients will never have to worry about their financial future as there will always be a Continuum adviser there to help both them and future generations.

“The buying adviser gets the opportunity to fast-track the growth of their business with access to quality client banks and continued consultancy support through the Continuum partnership.

“One of the hardest decisions faced by many advisers is knowing when to step back from the business they have built up. Advisers naturally want to make sure that they not only pick the right path to access liquidity for themselves, but also for their team and their clients.

Options in the market

Brown added: “There are many IFA consolidators and networks in the market that have the ability to offer good value for advice businesses, but culturally this may present a challenge. Additionally, the sale process can also be stressful and costly. My Continuum Succession has been designed to overcome these challenges.

“There is an overwhelming demand for financial advice in this country and a shortage of good quality financial advisers to fill that gap. My Continuum Succession helps to give security and peace of mind to both advisers and their clients that they will always have a top-quality independent financial adviser available to help.”

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