UK adults underwhelmed by their inheritance

SunLife found average sum passed down was just under £75,000


Greater longevity is one of the big successes of modern times, but it has left a large swathe of people waiting a long time for their inheritance.

Insurance firm SunLife surveyed 1,201 UK adults over 55, who had recently taken out policies.

They found that only 46% have received an inheritance.

The average sum respondents inherited was £74,816 ($90,810, €81,192), but 17% received more than £100,000 and one in 50 were left more than £400,000.


The age group most likely to have received an inheritance is the over 70s; half said they had been left money; the average amount was £73,488

Among the 60-69s bracket, 44% had received an average inheritance of £74,255.

While the 50-59 age group was the least likely to have received any money (40%), but were the ones that had received the most on average – £79,252.


SunLife also asked respondents how much money – a lump sum – they would need, on top of their current income and savings, to be “comfortable”.

On average, respondents said an extra £184,484 for the rest of their lives.

Almost a third (30%) said they were “already comfortable”, while four people said they would need as much as £10m.

Those aged 55-59 said they would need £299,943, falling to £167,731 for respondents in their 60s and £145,064 for those aged 70 and over.

But whatever the age group, the amount needed far exceeded the average inheritance.

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