ANNOUNCEMENT: UK Adviser is now PA Adviser. Read more. launches cross-border tax service for companies has launches service aimed at companies dealing with tax across different jurisdictions.


Taxback has two categories; the expatriate service, to help employers support their staff based overseas, and an outsourced international payroll service to simplify paperwork, calculations and payments.

The expatriate service aims to help employers who face a range of issues including ensuring employer (payroll) and employee tax compliance, registration of employee and employer and filing requirements, tax efficient payment of travel costs and relocation costs, tax issues to be considered in respect of pension arrangements, cost of living adjustments and assignment-related benefits.

Christine Keily, senior tax manager at, said companies that expanded into international markets had to overcome an array of obstacles for their employees to operate overseas.

“It’s nigh on impossible to solve these internally except for global corporations with massive internal resources and the penalties for getting it wrong can be severe. Our global mobility solutions can take the stress out of setting up and running a workforce overseas,” she said.

“As well as dealing with any applications or registrations required of the employer or employee, there are also a number of tax reliefs and refunds available that can save thousands.”

Keily added that the international payroll service delivered multiple benefits by outsourcing complex tasks to dedicated account managers.

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