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sven goran eriksson declares adviser hatred

Former England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson only hates one person, and that is Samir Khan the financial adviser who he claims swindled him of £10m between 2007 and 2010.

sven goran eriksson declares adviser hatred


The football maestro, who reigned as England manger from 2001 to 2006, said he gave Khan full access to his fortune, trusting him to invest it appropriately.

He took the adviser to court in 2011 to pursue compensation, but Khan has since been declared bankrupt.

Reported in a lengthy interview in The Telegraph, Eriksson said: “For most people in the world it is a huge amount of money and it is evenfor me.

“Even if I was paid well with the jobs I had it is big, big money. I’m not bankrupt, I still have some money. The big problem was the cash when you don’t have a job, which I didn’t for a while. Khan got me a lot of bank mortgages and I had to pay them. I needed cash, so I am starting to sell.”

Fellow football manager Harry Redknapp was also reportedly brought into the court claims made by Eriksson’s lawyers, who said Khan had advised he invest in a block of luxury flats on the south coast being developed by the former-Tottenham manager. The development in question was predicted to make a profit of £4m but ended up making a £4.2m loss.

Eriksson’s professional relationship with Khan was terminated after he grew suspicious and asked Deloitte to run checks on the financial adviser.

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