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‘It’s time to return to emerging markets’: Angus Murray

After years of outflows, Angus Murray argues the case for emerging markets today in a 20-year investment portfolio.


Emerging markets today are more attractive that they have been for years, according to Castlestone Management’s chief executive Angus Murray, who urges long-term investors to consider getting back into the much maligned asset class.

Investors have been retreating from emerging markets in their droves since at least 2013 so Murray sees flows just starting to go the other way as a long-awaited positive indicator. He is certainly not an advocate of market timing but instead argues the case for investors to look at emerging markets now as part of a diversified, long-term investment portfolio given how relatively attractive they are at the moment.

Keeping things simple, transparent and in “nothing questionable” is how Murray says investors should be investing, so listen in to hear, when pushed, where he suggests those considering a return to the asset class should be looking first for their emerging market exposure. 


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