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Pimco launch to hedge against interest rate moves

Pimco has launched its Diversified Income Duration Hedged Fund that invests across the asset class.


The Pimco GIS Diversified Income Duration Hedged Fund will be managed by Eve Tournier, a portfolio manager focusing on corporate bonds and loans, and will invest across multiple fixed income sectors including investment grade and high yield corporate bonds, emerging market debt, bank loans, convertible bonds, municipal bonds and asset-backed securities.

The drive behind this approach is to diversify its allocation globally, across different capital market through different fixed income sources.

Tournier will aim seek to minimise interest rate risk by focusing on floating and variable rate securities, short duration securities and combinations of fixed rate bonds and derivative instruments.

She is also manager of the Pimco GIS Diversified Income Fund, launched in June 2005 and each will share a similar investment processes in terms of sector allocation and credit exposure. The new fund is designed to systematically reduce, or hedge against, interest rate risk.

The fund is part of Pimco’s Ucits-compliant, Dublin-based Global Investor Series fund range that offers investors daily liquidity, with institutional and retail share classes.

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