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Pension dashboard provider sets up in the UK

Company already operates in South Africa and Namibia


Education and communications platform PensionSmith has launched in the UK.

The firm provides dashboard solutions for pension schemes and has been operating in South Africa and Namibia as ‘The Benefit Counsellor’ since 2019.

The platform offers tools for member communication, member education, and will add a pension dashboard connection that allows members to view and interact with all their pension plans in one place.

It is white labelled allowing each scheme or administrator to customise and establish an online experience that suits their own requirements.

Jaco Wasserfall, chief executive and founder of PensionSmith, said: “Our aim is to bring pensions into the digital age with a members first approach. Using tools like WhatsApp, gamified reward systems and interactive visuals such as videos and animation our mission is to educate and empower members.

“Implementing any kind of technology does not come without challenges, but dashboard in particular has some unique hurdles, which is clearly why the UK rollout has been delayed.

“Having experienced and overcome similar challenges in South Africa, we encourage the industry to use this rollout delay wisely, treating it as an unexpected gift that allows time to really focus on the needs of the members. We’re confident and excited to bring our accumulated knowledge and skills to the UK and help schemes reshape how they engage, interact and educate their members in a way that works for them.”

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