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Nedgroup Investments launches in-house multi-boutique platform

To create a more ‘diverse fund management sector for the benefit of the end investor’


Global asset manager Nedgroup Investments is set to create an in-house multi-boutique platform which will feature a range of active investment strategies.

Tom Caddick, managing director of Nedgroup Investments (International), said: “It’s harder for boutiques to set up now because of the onerous regulatory requirements and the difficulty of raising sufficient capital. We want to facilitate start-up boutiques to better serve the needs of our clients and provide a wider range of investment opportunity.

“We can create a more diverse fund management sector for the benefit of the end investor. I’m thrilled to launch our innovative structure with two conviction managers I have known and respected for over 20 years.”

Fixed income veterans David Roberts and Alex Ralph will run an active global bond fund as the first launch of these in-house managed strategies.

Roberts said: “I have returned to active investing because market conditions are too compelling to ignore. I have always had conviction to invest when risk and reward are in the client’s favour. After a couple of years when return expectations were negative, we are back in an environment where fixed income is once again a diversifier, a very attractive alternative to equities. The old normal.”

Ralph added: “Many have been waiting a decade for this type of entry point and the possibility of earning significant, long-term positive returns without the need to venture into the dark, equity-like corners of the bond market.”

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