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Look no further than equities for diversification

Invesco’s Alexander Tavernaro explains why he sees equities as the answer when looking for diversification away from…erm…equities.


Plenty has been written about investors wanting diversification away from equities and bonds, but what the end investor really wants is consistent, positive returns – how they get them is up to their portfolio manager.

So, in an even lower for even longer world, where are these consistent, positive returns going to materialise if not in equities or bonds?

Invesco’s Alexander Tavernaro explains why he thinks the answer is actually equities, just without the directional bias.

He describes how he translates this end-investor demand into a global, long/short absolute return strategy that starts with a risk target and then goes in search for a cash+ return target.

He also tells us why it is not a copy of David Miller’s Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Return Fund, another offering that also looks to achieve a positive total return in all market conditions.


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