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legal and general adds to structured product

Legal & General has launched two new structured products both based around the future performance of the FTSE 100 index.

legal and general adds to structured product


Its Growth Plan 8 offers investors the potential for a fixed bonus of 65% at the end of its five-year term. It opened for investment yesterday (2 July) and will be available until 24 August, an eight-week period.

Any bonus on top of their initial investment will come if the FTSE 100 on maturity (11 September, 2017) is at least the same level as on its initial strike date (11 September, 2012).

It is not a capital protection plan so if the index falls the investors could lose all of their initial investment.

The company’s new 6 Year Growth Deposit Bond 15, another that closes for investment on 24 August, offers investors a minimum return of 7% at maturity (12 September, 2018) and a maximum of 50% of the original investment.

The bond will also return the initial investment amount if held to maturity in six years’ time though if the investor redeems before the end of this term they may get back less than their initial investment amount.

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