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New focus group established for Dubai advisers

A group of financial advisers has established a focus group for advisers working in Dubai.


Lord, who chaired the first meeting on 5 July, with support from Helen Morris of Holborn Assets, said the intention was to establish a group similar to the Personal Finance Society and the Institute of Financial Planning in the UK.

“The aim of the group is primarily to bring together advisers who are keen to raise awareness of financial advice delivered professionally, share experiences, network and learn from each other,” said Lord.

She added that each meeting will have two key speakers – a technical speaker who will assist attendees with broadening their knowledge, and a sales and marketing or motivational speaker.

At the first event, Capaldi talked about successful client generation and Ben Alderson of Globaleye gave a talk about his experience of the Million Dollar Roundtable event in America.

“The feedback from the inaugural event was very positive and I am keen to maintain momentum,” said Lord.

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