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Where the expat clients are: survey lists top postings for corp execs

China, India, Brazil and Russia top a new survey of where companies are sending their employees.

Where the expat clients are: survey lists top postings for corp execs


The survey, by  Cartus Corp, a Connecticut, US-based relocation services provider, showed that of Cartus’ corporate clients who are planning to move their international transferees to countries considered to be "emerging markets", the so-called BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India, and China – which have held the top four spots in the recent past, still reign supreme.

China took the top spot in the survey, with more than half (53%) of Cartus’s client respondents naming it as their company’s top emerging market destination. India came in second with 45%.

Brazil (34%) and Russia (22%) were ranked third and fourth, respectively.

The Cartus report, Mobility Challenges in Emerging Markets, is based on survey responses from 116 representatives of multinational corporations of all sizes that it said move from tens to thousands of employees per year.

Second tier of EM destinations

A second category identified by the Cartus researchers was of countries "mentioned by at least 5%of respondents as being in their companies’ lists of "Top Three" emerging market destinations. The UAE headed this list, and thus was in fifth place overall among emerging market destinations; South Africa was next, followed by Mexico and, in a tie for eighth place, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

The Philippines and Vietnam tied for tenth place.

Three of the locations listed among the top 10 key emerging markets—the Philippines, South Africa, and Vietnam—have never been among the top 25 most common locations for relocation assignments, according to Cartus, which carries out the research annually.

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