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Catella launches raft of Nordic-focused funds

Nordic asset management specialist Catella has launched a range of Nordic-focused funds.


The company, which has its head office in Stockholm, has recently launched four Luxembourg-domiciled funds – the Nordic Tiger Fund, the Nordic Long Short Equity Fund, the Nordic Fixed Income Opportunity Fund and the Allocation Sweden Fund.

Taking a different approach to accessing emerging markets, the Catella Nordic Tiger Fund will invest in a portfolio of between 40 and 50 Nordic companies which have significant exposure towards emerging markets. The fund will be managed by team led by Ola Mårtensson.

Meanwhile, the Nordic Long Short Equity Fund will aim to deliver consistent, above-average returns through investing in Nordic-based companies, using a long/shore equity strategy, while the Nordic Fixed Income Opportunity Fund will invest in the bonds of Nordic-based companies.

Catella is also offering investors the opportunity to participate in the Swedish market through investment in its Allocation Sweden Fund. Managed by a team headed by Pehr Blomquist, the fund will invest in a mixture of equities and fixed income opportunities.

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