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Armstrong Investment Managers partners with FEIFA

AIM has become the latest firm to partner with the Federation of European IFAs.


The investment boutique, which is run by former Insight heads Ana and Patrick Armstrong, will offer access to its AIM Diversified Dynamic Solution Fund on beneficial terms for FEIFA members.

FEIFA has been running a partnership programme for around three months and earlier this month confirmed Friends Provident International as one of its partners, with the addition of AIM the federation now has a total of ten partners.

FEIFA CEO Paul Stanfield said: “We are very rapidly adding real and tangible benefits for our members, which are more than offsetting our modest annual fees via the range of services and relationships we are creating.”

“In addition we are providing relevant providers with a cost-effective route to a range of high quality, licensed advisers.”

FEIFA’s membership is English-speaking IFAs operating in Europe. It was launched in May 2009.

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