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ag2r la mondiale unveils uk wealth management

La Mondiale Europartner, the international division of French insurer AG2R La Mondiale, has unveiled details of its new UK wealth management service.

ag2r la mondiale unveils uk wealth management


The new service will offer a range of RDR-ready, tax-efficient and internationally portable investment portfolios aimed at high and ultra-high net worth investors.

Within the proposition is a multi-asset guaranteed capital investment vehicle, which La Mondiale said has “proved hugely popular” on the continent, attracting some €36bn.

Luxembourg-based La Mondiale Europartner will provide these products and services in partnership with wealth managers, private banks and other professional intermediaries in the UK.
Key features of the service include:

  • A “dedicated fund” option: a “dedicated fund” is an investment structure unique to Luxembourg that allows access to a wide range of alternative (and mainstream) assets in a bespoke portfolio via a discretionary manager. Dedicated funds are fully compliant with UK life assurance laws.
  • Access to La Mondiale Europartner’s €36bn multi-asset Guaranteed Capital Funds. For investors seeking to preserve their wealth, these funds provide weekly accrued growth and a further discretionary bonus at the year end. Once added, bonuses are guaranteed and there is no market value adjustment factor. Clients may access their funds at any point without penalty. Contributions are accepted in £, € and US$.
  • A cross-border life assurance policy which serves as a tax-efficient open architecture underlying investment platform.
  • Tax-efficiency and compliance: La Mondiale Europartner’s portfolios grow free of tax and are fully portable and tax-compliant across many EU countries. They also provide specific tax benefits to UK resident but not domiciled individuals.
  • The Luxembourg advantage: Luxembourg is a full EU member and has arguably the most robust investor protection regime in the world, with all client assets ring-fenced by the regulator.

Fabrice Sauvignon, La Mondiale Europartner chief executive, said: “The investment freedoms, bespoke service, tax-efficiency and cross-border portability of our portfolios offer a unique combination of attractions to wealth managers, private banks and other intermediaries with high net worth clients.”

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