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Advice network unveils financial planning subscription service

To give clients ‘the tools they need to make better decisions’


UK advice network New World has rolled out the Future Intro subscription model aimed at reducing the barriers to entry for financial planning.

Intro will be offered through its future plan channel. It has been designed for individuals and couples under 50 that are basic-rate taxpayers and have liquid assets of under £50,000 ($65,546, €59,553).

Rather than paying a large one-off fee for advice at the outset, Intro is payable in a similar way to a gym membership, or an entertainment subscription, and will cost £50 per month for 12 months.

Intro provides subscribers with full access to a financial planning service that includes cashflow forecasting and budgeting. In addition, the service includes advice on and implementation of investment strategies and plans.

‘Bold first step’

Sam Tate, director at New World, said: “Subscribers to Intro will get the peace of mind that comes with feeling in complete control of their financial future.

“At New World, we are dedicated to driving forward financial planning and giving everybody the tools they need to make better decisions, sooner.

“As we develop our processes and the technology that sits behind this, we will be releasing further tiers to our subscription service. This bold first step shows that we are both serious and passionate about delivering our promise.”

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